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Vehicle Delivery To Los Angeles Luxury Hotels for An Extravagant Five-Star Holiday

Last reservation inquiries near Los Angeles
(route to Los Angeles is about 2 miles)

Type Location Class Car Price Request performed
Los Angeles Airport (LAX) (7 days) Economy Chevrolet Spark $45.72 / day 1 day and 18 hours ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX) (7 days) Economy Toyota Yaris $32.70 / day 2 days and 9 hours ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX) (-2 days) Compact Ford E-350 Cargo $67.50 / day 3 days and 5 hours ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX) (-1 days) Ford Explorer $12.22 / day 24 days and 3 hours ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX) (3 days) Fullsize Ford E-350 $22.18 / day 25 days and 6 hours ago

Do you want the ultimate, extravagant vacation? Enjoy a five-star holiday by booking a luxury hotel and a luxury car in Los Angeles together.

Los Angeles rent-a-car companies offer a special service in which they deliver your rented vehicle to the hotel you’re staying in. Usually, however, you can avail of this special service right from the hotel as most luxury hotels have exclusive partnerships with top rental car companies.

Availing of a vehicle delivery service to local luxury hotels is one of the easiest ways to arrange a vacation. When you book your hotel reservation, you can already specify your need for a rent-a-car and what kind of car you’re planning to rent. After that, your hotel will do the rest.

This service, however, is not available in all Los Angeles hotels. But if you check in with most top hotels, you’ll find that they accommodate such special requests. Most luxury hotels can even hook you up with luxury vehicles such as performance cars and convertibles to make sure you get the best and most luxurious vacation possible.

If your hotel does not provide such special services, you can also arrange a vehicle delivery to local luxury hotels with your car rental company. By choosing your own rental car service, you can have your choice of which company to trust. Thus, you can also choose a car hire service that offers the kind of automobile you’re interested in, be it a Bentley, a Rolls Royce, a Lamborghini, an Aston Martin, a Porsche, a Maserati, and so on.