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Los Angeles Discount Car Rental

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Type Location Dates Class Car Price Request performed
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(7 days)
06/23/2017 18:00 - 06/30/2017 22:00 Luxury Chrysler 300 $76.57 / day 28 day(s) and 19 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(7 days)
04/03/2017 10:00 - 04/10/2017 10:00 Luxury Chrysler 300 $39.44 / day 30 day(s) and 13 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(-2 days)
03/31/2017 11:00 - 04/01/2017 17:00 Compact Ford Focus $-57.33 / day 30 day(s) and 18 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(-1 days)
03/30/2017 11:00 - 04/01/2017 18:00 Compact Nissan Sentra $-154.13 / day 30 day(s) and 18 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(3 days)
03/27/2017 20:30 - 03/30/2017 14:30 Fullsize Chevrolet Impala $41.98 / day 31 day(s) and 6 hour(s) ago

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Now, you might come across a number of websites that have a collection of discount car rental codes. Click on the links and you’ll be directed to the respective agency that discount code belongs to. Just be sure to use that code before it’s no longer good since they tend to change on a regular basis.