Infant And Child Safety Seats For Los Angeles Car Rentals

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02/24/2017 13:00 - 03/04/2017 13:00 Luxury Nissan Maxima $72.40 / day 4 day(s) and 12 hour(s) ago

Are you in need of a rental car in Los Angeles but happens to be traveling with a child? There’s no need to worry about bringing your own child car seat. It is typical for Los Angeles car rental companies to offer child seats and infant seats for those who need them, so be sure to ask your dealer about it. Of course, you will be asked to pay an additional fee, but since it’s for the safety of your child, the cost should not be a problem.

Also, infant and child safety seats are mandatory for children below a particular age or height limit in many cities  including Los Angeles, which means you do not have a choice but to avail of them. Laws many differ per state, though. For example, in New York and Florida, only children up to 3 years old are required to be in a child safety seat, but in the California, children up to 6 years old should be restrained, unless they weigh over 60 lbs.

Usually, infant and child safety seats for Los Angeles car rental will cost you an additional $2 to $11, depending on the car rental company you go to and what kind or size of child seat you will need. There are many kinds of safety seats for kids, such as infant seats, child seats, booster seats, and so on; the right type for you depends on the age and weight of your child. Just be sure to indicate what kind you want before you finalize your car hire agreement.